Bruce Hansen is a generous guy. He knows the roads around Washington, Oregon, Northern California and British Columbia and wants to share. The second edition of Hansen's "Motorcycle Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest" reads like a conversation with a friend. Hansen says he doesn't pretend to know every place to stop for a photo or to get a good slice of pie, but he seems to come close. With a palpable enthusiasm for the open road, he urges riders to get out of Portland, to head out along rivers, through forested wilderness or to the coast. The full color photos in this travel guide will make you long for summer. When he's not out riding, Hansen teaches writing through Portland State University.

-- Katie Schneider The Oregonian, Feb. 2011


We're probably biased because we live in Oregon, but this book has garnered the top spot in our reading pile for months now. Written by a motorcyclist for motorcyclists, "Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest" does an outstanding job of uncovering scenic routes through four states and British Columbia. Author Bruce Hansen serves up important details for each exhaustively researched road, like the best places to eat and sleep, and backs it up with intimate knowledge of the region. The 31 trips come complete with illustrated route maps and directions that will fit in a tankbag map window.
-- Andrew Cherney, Cruiser Magazine Dec. 2010
It should be subtitled 'Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Exploring The Great Northwest On A Motorcycle.' Bruce has it all covered from your eager roar-away start to finally rolling home with happy memories. What makes it more than an ordinary tour book is that it reads like a 'chat with a friendly traveler who's been down the road and is willing to point you in the right direction,' as Bruce says in the Introduction. A talented photo journalist, Bruce has included so many great photographs that you can easily picture yourself there enjoying the magnificence of nature's northern playground. His biker prose flows so smoothly, that he not only gets published frequently, but also teaches writing classes at the college level to future teachers. With this year's riding season coming to a close, 'Motorcycle Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest,' published by Whitehorse Press, is a good read on a cold, wet winter night, and then dream about all those challenging new roads to explore next summer. Any biker would be happy to find a copy in his or her Christmas stocking.
--Quick Throttle, October 2005

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Precise route directions and dazzling color photography... covers recommended restaurants, places to stay (including campgrounds) and many tips to save precious vacation time for the visiting motorcyclist. Helpful sidebars give you information on how to rent a motorcycle, tips for hot weather and desert riding, up-to-date regulations on border crossings into Canada and so on. Trip 25, called the Deuce-and-a-Half, shows you how to cover the entire Pacific Northwest in 14 days and 2,500 miles. Now that's a great vacation idea!
-- BMW Owners News, August 2005

. . . such was the author's enthusiasm and descrlptions of the vast and beautiful region that l was ready to get on line and book a flight and a bike—for the summer of course. The shortest ride I found was a 65 mile jaunt around the islands off Seattle, and then there's the biggie: a 2,500 mile tour over fourteen days he calls the Deuce and a Half, taking the rider through the US states and Canada.

lf you’re the type of motorcycle tourer that likes to plan meticulously this is a book that will satisfy. But to his credit Bruce Hansen does urge rideuto'get lost'and explore the myriad back roads and oftohoots ofthe routes he has f you wantto exp€rience every conceivable landscape in compact an area you'll find anywhere on the planet: deserts, mountains, prairies, islands, coast and beaches, forests and national parks, this would be a great place to head for.
-- The Rider’s Digest (UK) Jan/Feb ’11


Hansen guides riders through the areas around Seattle and Portland, up and down the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and northern California, around the volcanoes’ of Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Hood, and Mt. Rainier, across the desert of Oregon, out to the San Juan Islands, and over the border into parts of British Columbia.  When not riding Mr. Hansen teaches writing through Portland State University.
It’s a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts and I wanted to pass it along.  
-- Northwest Harley Blog, February 2011