Sometimes we get away from everything on a journey. Sometimes we find meaning in a journey. Sometimes we discover who we are.

Bikers understand that the most important part of a journey is that we take it.

This is a book for riders who want to take a journey—a simple, sweet relaxing trip, or an amazing transformative journey.
There is no better place to ride than the Pacific Northwest. The great Pacific Ocean, the snowy pine-scented mountains, the sparkling deserts and miles of forest hallways twisting into secret places bikers love.
Motorcycle Journeys Through the Pacific Northwest is a book to guide you to the best places in the great Pacific Northwest. If you want a lazy ride through the islands off the west coast of Washington, an awe-inspiring trip through Eastern Oregon or a discovery trip through British Coloumbia, this is your guide.

The journeys in this book vary from sweet romantic rides on the San Juan Islands, the darkest and most dangerous road in British Columbia, and the twistiest wild ride in all the whole Pacific Northwest.

If you are up the challenge, you can read about the Deuce-and-a-Half: taking the Great Pacific Northwest in 14 Days and 2,500 miles.